About CRCC


We hope that the fact you’ve made it this far means you have an interest in joining us. Whether you’re interested in a Saturday afternoon of watching some of the premier pilots in the country “do their thing”, a novice looking for advice and help before making that maiden flight, or an accomplished pilot looking for a new club to join, we look forward to seeing you. Any given weekend can have turbine powered jets, Giant Scale aerobatic planes, small electric planes, beginners with their first trainers, and gliders all sharing airspace around our facility.

We believe that we have one of the premium flying sites in the Southeast. Our 50′ x 600′ asphalt runway offers plenty of landing strip for jets and large planes. The adjacent 50′ x 600′ grass runway offers a more forgiving surface and combined they offer a 100′ wide landing surface (great for beginners). Our 100′ covered pavillion and picnic tables offer a great place for socializing and talking about the latest in RC while the available 110 AC outlets offer a place to plug in your battery charger. Our treeless hilltop location gives the pilot virtually unhampered airspace and allows glider pilots the opportunity for slope soaring regardless of wind direction.

Alas though, even Eden needed a gate and local regulations (City of Chattanooga) require that ours remain locked at all times. This makes it difficult for people to access our field. To gain access please email mailto:info@crccflyers.org to arrange a visit.

We look forward to seeing you real soon!